(Jesus And Me)

Beginning in September 2015 we renamed our Wednesday Night Children’s Ministry, FAITH JAM (Jesus and Me). We chose a new curriculum and education process. Our focus is on helping children better understand the depth of God’s love and care for them. We use music, story time, projects, surprises, light snack and journals to share God’s truths with children from toddlers to Grade 6. Here is the Wednesday Night Schedule for the children.

5:15 pm Healthy Meal for Children, Teens, Adults and their families

5:50 pm FAITH JAM Opening Assembly


6:25 pm Story Time, Projects, Snack-it-Café, Surprise Station, Etc.

7:00 pm Journal Time

7:20 pm FAITH JAM Closing Assembly


7:25 pm Dismiss from Sanctuary


Each year we have Vacation Bible School for children age 4 to sixth grade. We have a new theme each year that allows the children to learn about God and the things he has done for us. The week includes fun adventures with Bible stories, recreation, music and crafts. VBS is concluded each year with a commencement service on Sunday morning followed by a church-wide meal and fellowship.
Contact the church office at (828) 294-0212 or by email for more information about children’s programs.
**(Background checks are performed on all FAITH JAM Workers.)**