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God Is Working!

Wow!!! It is God Himself who is personally working from the inside out for our best interests. Think about that for a moment. God! Elohim, (The strong One) El Shadiah (God Almighty), is personally working on our behalf every moment of every day, that means right now!!! There is never a moment of your existence from the time you give your life to Christ until you meet Him face to face that God is not with you, that He is not there. God is always working in ways beyond our ability to understand...ever and always consistently in us, caring for every need.

His presence is infinite. His understanding is infinite. His wisdom is infinite. And He lives in us. Man!!! What a concept!!! We need to be very thankful for all the believers who are working on us by praying for us, mentoring us and believing in us.

We need to be very thankful that there are ministering angels working for us. (Hebrews 1:14)We need to be very thankful for pastors and teachers who are working, on us, to shape us through the preaching and teaching of the Word.

But, man I tell you what we should be thrilled beyond belief that it is God who is the one at work in us...God Himself.

Walk Worthy, Rick

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