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The church staff is made up of the pastor, music minister, youth minister, and church secretary.
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Rick Edwards

Rick Edwards has been an ordained Pastor, Church Planter and Church Revitalist for over 33 years. Pastor Edwards is deeply committed to the dynamic verse by verse preaching of God's Word.


Rick loves to hike, play golf and Chinese food.  

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Music Minister

Debbie Rhodarmer

Debbie has been a member of  Mountain Grove for many years, and has served as the Music Minister for several years. She enjoys her role in the Church, leading the worship of God in song. She assists with our children, teaching them to praise God with music and song. Contemporary music plays a greater role in the worship service, and Debbie leads with enthusiasm.

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Youth Minister

Meg Lowman

Meg has assumed the duties of Youth Minister at Mountain Grove. She has made the youth program a welcoming place for our young people to get together. Youth retreats that she has organized have allowed our young people to interact with other teens. Everyone looks forward to Youth Sunday to see our young people at their best.

Church Secretary​

Shawn Mosteller

Shawn serves as a great helper to the members of Mountain Grove, and assists the pastor in his work. She performs her duties with competence and accepts challenges willingly. Should you need to call the Church, you will be greeted with a friendly "Mountain Grove Baptist Church".

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